Currently pursuing a position as a 3D designer at a local San Diego company. I have spent the last several years developing my skills in Blender, Cinema 4D, Adobe CC, Substance and Unreal Engine as it relates to modeling, texturing motion graphics, animation, lighting and optimization of media assets used for off-line rendering and real-time workflows. I have over eight years of experience as a multi-industry media designer. Soon after leaving the United States Navy, I pursued my AA degree in Drafting and Design, followed by my BA in Media Arts with an emphasis on 3D modeling and video compositing. I have been involved in all phases of a project; from brainstorming, storytelling, development, material and reference research, creation of design concepts to product deployment.

Throughout my journey as a designer, I have either been the only designer at the company or I was working remotely. I’m looking for an opportunity to work with an exciting team where I can grow as a designer, share my experiences and best practices with others, and learn a lot from others in a fun and creative environment.
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